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Things to consider before painting your home or business.

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Things to consider before painting your home or business

Painting a wall may seem like an easy task, most people think all that is needed to begin painting a house or business is a bucket of paint and a few brushes. But the truth is that there is a lot more to painting than what meets the eye.

The first step and usually the step forgotten by many is cleaning your walls. Simply looking at a wall and saying it’s clean enough to paint isn’t enough, one needs to thoroughly check if the wall surface is clean enough to paint over. Painting over a dirty wall could cause marks that are unpleasant to look at and as your brush goes over the dirt some of it may stick to your brush making its way into your bucket of paint. Another thing people don’t think of is making sure that there is no moisture on the walls before painting, not checking for moisture could lead to odd-looking textures on parts of your walls as well as peeling that could lead to you having to repaint your wall sooner far than expected.

Patched walls are very common in many homes, usually, walls are patched with plaster and are the painted over. But painting over a patch without priming the plaster leads to dark spots where the patch is, this happens because the paint is absorbed by plaster. Primer helps by providing a barrier of moisture between the topcoat and the raw metal surface. Having oddly placed dark spots on your walls is usually something that is not appealing to look at.

Painting can be a very time-consuming task for many especially if there is a huge surface to cover, and applying one thick coat of paint may seem like a good idea because it saves time but in truth doing that can cause an uneven dripping texture on your walls. Applying paint evenly and in layers is the key to avoiding that.

Painting is far more complex than it seems, but luckily there are experienced painting contractors like the team at The Damp Proof Company who possess all the skills and knowledge required to get the job done efficiently.