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Rising Damp Can Damage Your Wall

Rising damp can damage your wall

Rising damp can damage your wall :

Rising damp is the moisture present in your wall that is caused by water that is in the ground underneath or to your wall that rises up through the fabric of the wall. Rising damp occurs on any wall whether it is bricks, blocks or stones. The water travels through the wall as a result of the capillary action; this is where the water is sucked through a small opening such as a hole or tube. The water will stop rising at a high where gravity counteracts the upwards force of the capillary action. A rising damp can damage a wall and it also creates a smell. Even if you can paint over it the smell will not go away and the wall will still be damaged.

Rising damp

The signs of rising damp are a tide line of a yellow or brown stain or a blown plaster in the lower area of the wall. Damps do also appear on the floor. Another sign is a white fluffy deposit in your plaster which is known as salts and the damp has washed out the bricks of the wall into the plaster. Black spots may appear on the damp area of the wall, which will make the wall look dirty and unattractive.

A rising damp problem often occurs when you do not have a damp proof course installed. A damp proof course is a waterproof layer that is on your wall or in both walls when you have a cavity wall. This is six inches from the outside ground on your external wall which is also near your concrete. Rising damp can occur inside or outside the house, in some houses, it only appears in one room which is a good thing rather than it appearing all over the walls in each room. That makes the wall look dirty and it creates a smell that will affect the whole house.

It is possible to experience a rising damp even if your damp proof is functioning well. This simple means that the rising damp is caused by a breached that may be attached to the wall that is allowing the water to travel around the damp proof course and it will continue moving upwards. If the rising damp appears again then it is best to call damp proof experts to come and fix the problem for you.

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