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Penetrating Damp Problems

Damp Proofing

Penetrating Damp Problems

There is a major risk of damage caused by damp throughout your entire house. This is predominantly due to a lack of preventative measures taken when the building was first constructed. Wetness is the main reason that any damp problems in homes may occur, furthermore, that is when you going to need a professional damp proofing company to prevent any sort of moisture passing through the walls, ceilings or floors of your property. These are not the only areas susceptible to damp in your home, chimney damp problems and basement damp problems are both genuine issues which can in fact affect the structure of a building and weaken the walls.

Identify Penetrating Damp

Rotting Floor timber – damp floor boards with wet rot decay.

Localised Damp – unsystematic damp patches that do not dry out.

Mould Growth – Humid musty smell.

Low Level Penetrating Damp Treatments

Low level penetrating damp can harmfully impact the environment in your home, but there are various treatments available to correct this prospective harmful occurrence. A single membrane solution to treat problems, caused by high external floor levels. These solutions will provide a dry internal wall surface, making the cellar or basement rooms of your home habitable again. If the problem is caused by building imperfection, these can be easily repaired by a skilled builder or a plumber. Once the wall has dried out all moisture and there is no damage or decay in timbers, then you can refurbish your home.

If the issue is caused by low level sideways penetrating damp, the most effective solution is to lower the external ground level bordering the wall. This is often unsuitable and extremely costly.

It is a well-known fact that properties and buildings in South Africa are the subject of numerous types of damp problems. Whether you need assistance with rising damp, penetrating damp or waterproofing, and The Damp Proof Company offer long term guarantees for peace of mind.