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Painting & Repairing Exterior Walls

Painting & Repairing Exterior Walls

Painting & Repairing Exterior Walls

It’s always important to freshen up your home on the outside as much as you do the inside. And if you’re not sure on how to repair and freshen up your home, here are some guidelines that might help you.

Before doing anything, you need to do extensive preparation. This makes the actual work much easier and faster to get through.

You firstly need to clean the surface that you’ll be painting. If the wall is very dirty wash the wall with household detergent and rinse well with water. Areas affected by algae, mould or climbers should be thoroughly cleaned and treated by a fungicidal wash. You then need to repair all the damaged areas. To fill small cracks and holes, make sure the damaged area is free from loose materials. Then apply the exterior mortar or filler using a knife and smooth off with a wet filling knife. If the crack or damage is deeper than 10mm, you may have to build up the filler in layers, leaving each layer to dry before reapplying. Rub the filler down with medium grade sandpaper when dry.

Make sure to take required safety precaution when taking every step of fixing up your home.

Painting the exterior of your home is all about timing, you need to have several days of clear weather to complete your project. Make sure you have all the correct tools from the start. A strong and steady ladder is essential as you will be working at height, a small masonry brush to get into the difficult areas and a masonry roller brush and extendable handle to cover large areas quickly. Using a paint kettle is also advisable as it will help you work with a manageable amount of paint and can be hung from the ladder.

Give yourself enough time along with manageable sections to finish off in a set amount of time. That way you won’t miss sections, whether they’re the small cracks in the wall or larger, easier to reach sections.

If this still seems like very tedious work, then maybe it’d be much easier to get a painting contractor like The Damp Proof Company to get the job done. They’re highly experienced painting contractors in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Happy Decorating!