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Obvious causes of damp.

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Obvious Causes of Damp

Dampness is caused by a sudden increase in the amount of moisture that enters a building and it usually appears without warning and quite quickly as well but it can also disappear as quickly as it appeared.

The dampness is usually very well defined and is easy to spot. Whatever is causing the dampness is also quite obvious.


If your plumbing begins to drip, it could cause a large, intense damp patch – Plumbing leaks are usually small but they drip on the same place over and over. This concentrated dripping will mean that more water will be absorbed than what will escape and the water will soon move on to surrounding areas.

What to check for:

  • Pipes that have been corroded inside the walls
  • New plumbing that has been installed in kitchens or bathrooms can also drip when they are first used
  • Waste pipes that need to be replaced

Leaking Gutters

When gutters are leaking, rain water will flow down the walls of the house and also spatter on the windowcils below. Other leaky gutters can cause water to flow into the roof. These can be hard to find in the beginning and you need to check it out at the first sign of dampness.

What to check for:

  • Look for water flowing down the walls
  • Also check for any paths of water leading into the roof


Holes in Roofs

This normally means that your tiles have moved out of position or they are cracked or broken. If you have a thatched roof, then a patch could be worn.

What to check for:

  • If dampness forms in your ceiling after it has just rained, then your roof is probably leaking and it likely has a hole in it
  • Check if birds are building nests in your roof because that will also tell you if there is a hole in your roof.

Undersized Gutters

Changes in climate or the roof area of your house may change the amount of water that your gutters need to handle. You may have to replace the gutters with bigger ones or install more downpipes.

What to Check for:

  • The easy to spot sign of this is water spilling over the gutter all the time.

No matter the cause of your dampness, it is always better to damp-proof your house rather than trying to get rid of the damp that’s already there. Get your house Damp Proofed today by the leaders in damp-proofing; The Damp Proof Company.