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Health problems caused by dampness in a home.

Health Problems Caused By Dampness In A Home

Health problems caused by dampness in a home.

Having dampness in your home can be very bad for your health and it also looks bad and can ruin a beautiful home. It can cause mould, cracks, marks on walls, etc. Below are some of the most common health issues that have been associated with having dampness in your home:

Respiratory Problems

The most common health problems that are caused by living in a damp environment are the ones that affect the respiratory system. The moisture in the air will contribute to this and so will the microscopic bacteria and fungi that will thrive in a damp environment. The bacteria and fungi can float around in the air or it can land on moist surfaces in the home.

Studies also show that people who live in a damp home are twice as likely to suffer from asthma than someone who has no damp in their home. Other respiratory problems that are linked to dampness are bronchitis, chest pains and breathing difficulties. Fixing your damp home can go a long way in eliminating these problems.


Research has proved that there is definitely a link between people living in damp homes and those people suffering from unpleasant skin conditions such as eczema. The risks seem to be higher for people who are already suffering from skin problems, there is a chance that the dampness can cause eczema in anyone, children are particularly vulnerable.  It is important that you damp proof your home to avoid any health issues.

Fever & Vomiting

Other findings also found that a damp home can cause the inhabitants to suffer from fevers, pains, aches, and even fainting. To put it into perspective, children living in damp homes are 7% more likely to suffer from blocked noses and other sinus issues and houses that have mould in them will increase the chances of vomiting.

It is then fair to say that a damp home is linked to quite a few health-related problems and if you fix the problems by damp proofing your home, it will take all these problems out the picture and the suffering, if its already occurring, will come to an end. At the end of the day though, prevention is better than cure which means you should damp proof your home before any problems start.

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